"Dragon's Crown" Now Published by Atlus, Pushed Back to 2013

Vanillaware action-RPG was originally set for release later this year

I don't know about you, but one of my most highly-anticipated titles for the year was Vanillaware's insanely beautiful action-RPG Dragon's Crown, giving the feel of Guardian Heroes and the old Capcom D&D games in lush, hand-drawn HD graphics.


Originally set to be published by Ignition (like the last US Vanillaware release, Muramasa), Dragon's Crown will now be published by Atlus for both its PS3 and Vita versions. The game's release has been delayed to an unspecified 2013 date, and several Atlus developers with experience on the Persona series will be involved in Dragon's Crown's development as producers.




I really miss this brand of classic hack-and-slash-and-level-up action, so I'm definitely grabbing this one and living off it for a week. Were you going to grab Dragon's Crown?





via Siliconera

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