Snow and Serah Together Again in "Final Fantasy XIII-2" DLC

Square Enix updates official site to show off some screens

Square Enix is getting ready for its next batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC, and this one sees Snow and Serah reuniting through the streams of time. In "Snow's Chapter: Eternal Arena," Snow arrives in the Coliseum after drifting through time, and players will take on the Arbiter of Time, which Square Enix claims is the strongest opponent yet. Good thing you've got Snow with you this time, right?


Of course, you'll have to fight him first, but both Snow and Valfodr will be able to join your party when the DLC comes out in Japan on May 15. No word yet on the time frame outside of Japan. After the reveal in Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, Square Enix tossed some screens of "Snow's Chapter" up on the official website.



Via Siliconera

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