"Another" Anime Art Book Limited to First Printing

Featuring art from Noizi Ito, Yuriko Ishii

A book about two centimeters thick is set to deepen fans' appreciation for the art and drama of high school horror anime, Another. Everything from the characters and backgrounds, to the designs of the series' dolls will be included, plus notes from chief animation director and character designer Yuriko Ishii about episode 1-12 edits.




Other stuff the book will feature:


*Key art from the opening and ending sequences


*Conversation between Director Tsutomu Mizushima and Art Director Satoru Hirayanagi


*Conversation between Director Tsutomu Mizushima and Yuriko Ishii


*Improvised drawing of Mei and Akazawa by Yuriko Ishii you can only see in this collection


*Cover drawn by original character designer Noizi Ito


*Message of praise for the anime by author of the original novel, Yukito Ayatsuji


*Bonus gift: clear file with the images from the front cover and title page 



Another Concept Materials Collection will run you 4,200 yen (about US $51.48) and a friend in Japan (no international shipping, alas). Sounds like there will only be one printing that will start being sent to purchasers May 1st. The art was one of my favorite things about this series, how about you guys?



via Otakomu

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