"Dead Space" Developer Claims "Gears of War" Has "The Worst Writing" in Gaming

EA quickly pulls his statement from the EA blog afterward

It looks like indie devs aren't the only ones getting inflammatory in interviews--Dead Space story producer Chuck Beaver had some pretty choice words for Epic's military sci-fi shooter Gears of War, specifically its story. When asked in an official EA interview whether poor storytelling can ruin a good game, he answered:


"Story can only ruin a game for those people who care about story, so it's a conditional answer. For instance, Gears of War. It contains atrocious, offensive violations of story basics. Yet it doesn't seem to ruin it for many, many people. It's literally the worst writing in games, but seems to have no ill effects."


Beaver also had some criticisms for the Dead Space games, which he'd worked on. He called Dead Space a "simple haunted house story" and cited how the sequel "got lost in complicated lore," describing initial drafts as "a wreck of unrelated events and broken structure" that "didn't fully make it" upon completion.




So what stands out as good video game writing to Chuck Beaver? Unsurprisingly, he mentioned Portal 2, stating that it "succeeds at least as much on its writing as its masterful platformer level design."


Shortly after, the interview was pulled from their site, with no comment from EA on the situation.


I'm gonna ruffle a lot of feathers with my opinion that, among recent titles, Final Fantasy XIII has infinitely worse writing than Gears due to getting too lost in its clunky in-world vocabulary and inconsistent characterization. But what about you? Is Beaver right, and Gears is a total trainwreck that survives only on solid gameplay? Or are there other titles that need the spotlight of shame placed on them?





via Eurogamer, IGN

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