Discotek Adds Two More "Game Center CX" Episodes to DVD Set

A double dose of two-parters joins the growing release

Just the other day Discotek Media announced the addition of the live Mighty Bomb Jack challenge to its Game Center CX / Retro Game Master DVD collection, and now there are two more bonus eps joining the set. Better yet, both are two-parters!


The first is the grueling Ninja Gaiden II: Dark Sword of Chaos challenge, which is the perfect followup to host Shinya Arino's battle with the first Ninja Gaiden that is already part of the 12-episode set. It's like returning to (bird) Hell for Arino, so if you liked his first fight alongside Ryu Hayabusa, you'll love this one. 



In the second two-parter, Arino takes on Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Furai no Shiren), the Super Famicom roguelike that was originally released in 1995. Can Arino handle this brutal genre of RPG?


The only downside to all of this, according to Discotek's Facebook post, is the possibility that the August-dated set may slip into September. Still, it sounds like it'll be worth the wait.

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