VIDEO: Watch the New AKB48 PV, “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”

Directed by Shinji Higuchi of Evangelion + Gamera fame

After all the hubbub this week over AKB48’s controversial mouth-to-mouth candy TV commercial, what a relief it is to see Japan’s number one idol group get back to what they do best: making fan-service friendly music videos!


“Manatsu no Sounds Good!” is the latest PV from the group, and their 26th single, which features 36 (count ‘em) girls in all from the AKB48 monster-franchise, making it something of a record-making personal best. 



Also, boosting the video’s otaku cred even further is the fact that it was directed by Shinji Higuchi, special effects director of the ’90s Gamera films and a major creative force in making the original Evangelion TV series.


There’s a fair amount of drama and even some sparkly special effects before the song kicks in, complete with wild bikini beach dance-off. Enjoy and try to get sand all over the place.


Via Tokyo Hive

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