VIDEO: World's Largest Public Toilet Now Open in Japan

"Enjoy this scenery and that feeling of release" in Chiba

Ok, so it's not exactly going to make you feel like you're climbin' on a throne fit for Gulliver himself, but Chiba, Japan is now home to what has been deemed "the world's largest public toilet." Set in a serene garden location and housed in a glass cubicle, architect Sou Fujimoto told NHK, "We wanted for those who used the toilet to enjoy this scenery and that feeling of release." 


Personally, I enjoy a magazine, but this looks nice.



Don't get too excited, gentlemen, this toilet is for the ladies only. It seems a cruel fate that everyone can't experience the view of plum, peach, and sakura trees. If you have the opportunity, why not take this story in your own personal fortress of solitude to watch NHK's brief report on the extra-large loo below?



It looks like folks are lining up to use it. Hmm, this could get awkward...


Via 3news

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