Ice Your Tea with "Natsume Yujin-cho" Anime Themed 'Cubes

Nyanko-sensei cools down your summer teatime

Lala, the magazine that serializes Yuki Midorikawa's Natsume Yujin-cho, is offering a free Nyanko-sensei "cool teatime set" to anyone who buys the June issue issue. Check it out:



You may not recognize all those characters above; that's because another series, Hari Tokeino's Gakuen Babysitters, is being giving the same summer fun treatment. You can see the goods for both "courses" in the picture—the Gakuen Babysitters goods feature Kotarou. Each set comes with a silicon ice cube (or Jello-o!) tray, two glasses, and two coasters.  


Interested peeps should peek the magazine, which went on sale April 24th. 


via Natalie

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