You're Already Awake! "Fist of the North Star" Promotes Caffeinated Gum -UPDATED

Black Black gum finds a new spokesperson in Kenshiro

By striking acupressure points, the assassination art of Hokuto Shinken can cripple a man, cause the human body to convulse and explode, or even cure blindness, but, apparently, it needs an assist from caffeinated gum to cure drowsiness. For proof, see Black Black's new ad campaign featuring Fist of the North Star's Century's End Messiah Kenshiro.


In the ad, one of Fist of the North Star's post apocalyptic marauders begins feeling drowsy while driving to a raid. All of a sudden, Kenshiro bursts out of a container of Black Black gum with his (borrowed from Bruce Lee) screech, and begins North Star Hundred Crack Fisting Black Black into the tough's mouth. "You're already awake!"





Black Black has a history of featuring manga heroes, such as Golgo 13's Duke Togo.


via Mantanweb

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