Assassin and Archer Take the Spotlight At "Fate/Zero" Cafe

Late April offers Assassin/Kirei and Archer/Tokiomi themed menus

Starting April 24th, the themed menus at anime studio ufotable's Tokyo and Tokushima cafes switch from Fate/Zero's Rider and Lancer to Assassin/Kirei and Archer/Tokiomi.



The Tokyo location is serving Assassin Au Gratin Beef with the stealth element of hidden spices!


Meanwhile, the Tokushima location has Assassin Omelet with the stealth element of hidden mushrooms.


The specialty desert is Archer Golden Cafe, made with maple syrup.


Drinks include Tokoimi's grape juice (can be substituted for wine)


Archer Golden Banana Drink


Kirei's Jasmine drink


and Assassin Tapioca drink


New placemats and coasters have been delayed a few days

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