Skype Launching On PlayStation Vita Later Today

App features support for front and rear cameras for video calls

If you're one of the few that own a PS Vita and wished you could call a buddy during a gaming session but didn't want to lose your place in the game and didn't have your cellphone on you, Sony and Skype have announced a decent solution to that problem.

Skype PSVita

Later today, ever popular VoIP application Skype (now owned by Microsoft) will be rolling out on the Playstation Store for PS Vita owners in the US and will include new features, key among them is the capability to run in the background during a game. This way, if you want to stay available on Skype and still want to play games, it can be done without having to pause and exit. While the app runs in the background, if a call or IM comes through the game will automatically pause and the app will give you the option to either take the call, respond to the message, or leave it for later.


PSVita Skype 2

The Skype app for the Vita is also notable for being one of the few non-gaming apps that is allowed to use the 3G cellular radio in the 3G versions of the console to make and receive calls as well as send messages, making it a viable alternative to carrying both the Vita and a separate cellphone, as the app also supports SkypeOut for dialing out to mobile and landline numbers, if you're interested in that sort of thing.


The app will be a free download and more info on the app can be found in the video embedded below, which demonstrates the multitasking capability.



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