Fan Petition "100,000 Strong for 'Mega Man Legends 3'" Finally Hits 100,000 Members

Capcom cancelled 3DS-exclusive title last year, citing "lack of fan demand"

One of the main reasons I picked up a 3DS was for Mega Man Legends 3. As the follow-up to 2000's PS1 Mega Man Legends 2, the trilogy-ender was set to be in the first wave of hit 3DS titles alongside Resident Evil: Revelations and Super Mario 3D Land.


Unfortunately, the title was cancelled by Capcom in summer of 2011, citing "a lack of fan demand," despite asking for fan input with The Developer Room and planning a demo release for MML3 via the 3DS eShop.


Since then, fans have been up in arms, starting and signing petitions to bring the Blue Bomber's 3D adventure back, foremost among them 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3. Starting only a month after MML3's cancellation, the group has finally hit its goal of 100,000 members!


So what does this mean? In my opinion, not much--fan petitions tend to be taken about as seriously as fan boycotts, so I'm not holding my breath. Mega Man fans, do you think Capcom will consider bringing Mega Man Legends 3 back into development, even without Keiji Inafune at the helm?




via Destructoid

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