VIDEO: Christie and Bayman Charge into "Dead or Alive 5"

Curvy assassin and linebacker-sized elite operative join the battle

It was already kind of obvious that the characters we've seen so far for Dead or Alive 5 would be making the cut: Hayabusa, Hayate, Kasumi, and Ayane are the series' main character ninja foursome, and Hitomi is so popular that fans would riot if she wasn't included.


A new trailer shows two more favorites returning to the fray--vicious platinum-haired Snake kung-fu practitioner Christie, and burly Sambo expert Bayman!

The new stage shown is called Hot Zone, taking place in the middle of a battlefield where missiles fired from helicopters can be used to turn the tide of a fight. Crashed helicopters and damaged buildings can also be used as environmental hazards.





Which characters do you want to see return? As a die-hard Tina fanboy, I'd like to see how my favorite cowgirl grappler adapts to the new gameplay additions. What about you? Do you like how Dead or Alive 5 is shaping up?





via Siliconera

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