Namco Bandai Cuts Clothes-Slicing Motion Control Game

Odd game week continues with idol-stripping puzzle game

In Dancing Eyes, you play as a monkey with the goal of cutting square shaped swatches out of the clothes of idols. While the concept for the arcade puzzle game doesn't scream "remake!" the Namco Generations revival label had plans to release a Dancing Eyes for the PlayStation 3 with Move support. And, while it doesn't scream "likely to be released outside Japan!" either, there is a report of multiple language voice-overs being recorded.


Last June, GEM Impact, the same audio (and healthcare supplies) company that made music for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Bayonetta, listed that they worked on Dancing Eyes, recording English, French, Chinese, and Italian audio tracks. They also list that it is coming to the Xbox, leading to speculation that it might offer Kinect support.


Namco Bandai denied the international plans at the time, and now, according Famitsu, the whole deal has been canned. So, no monkey idol stripping for anyone.


via Siliconera

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