Scenarist Reveals "Fate/Extra CCC" Delayed to Increase Breast Size

Ok, and they'll add some bosses, too

Kinoko Nasu, who is in charge of the scenario for Fate/Extra CCC, took to the Imageepoch site JRPG to explain why the [Imageepoch developed] RPG was delayed. After apologizing seriously and asking fans to "please wait a little longer with hearts like warm spring sunlight," Nasu revealed that they wanted sexier enemies, "and when we bugged Marvelous just a little bit for extra budget, boom, there it was."


"With this roll of cash it was like, 'oh let's make the breasts bigger!' I dunno what I'm saying, but if that's the case, we'll be able to add more boss characters and background art. We'll be able to ask for a bunch more drawings from [illustrator] Wadarco. Then at that point there's nothing to do but rewrite the scenario, don't you think? So the staff and I are redoing it from square 1—ah I said too much—from around square 5."


We weren't able to catch every line, but Nasu continued to joke, promising that Fate/Extra CCC will be a "national RPG, popular with everybody." 2ch commenters were hoping for a little more remorse and less goofballing—they wonder if the game will ever be finished. Leave us your take in the comments!


via Yaraon!

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