Wash Your Fried Chicken Down with Whiskey Cocktails at Tokyo KFC!

Japan once again turns fast food fantasies into reality

While we often settle for guzzling Pepsi and Dr. Pepper at the local KFC, we all know that nothing really can complement a bucket full of greasy “finger-lickin’ good” fried chicken quite like throat-burning whiskey cocktails.


Leave it to Japan to make our wildest fast food fantasies into a reality…


Artist's conception of KFC ROUTE25. Note the lack of people passed out face down on tables.


Located in Tokyo’s trendy Shimokitazawa district, the new KFC ROUTE25 restaurant bar has quite a sales pitch: on the first two floors, you’ll find a regular KFC as the Colonel intended. But after 5pm, the third floor opens up like the pearly gates to reveal a fully functional whiskey bar.


Perfect for playing out scenes from THE SHINING. All it needs is a bartender named Llyod.


It should be shocking to no one that junk food forms the basis of the bar’s menu, including (yes) fried chicken, chicken strips, and something truly horrifying called “Pizza With 6 Kinds Of Cheese And Maple Syrup.”



The promotional material for KFC ROUTE25, so named after the highway route where Col. Sanders first sold folks his chicken, claims that the establishment offers patrons the wholesome atmosphere of “Good ‘ol America”. However, we’re willing to wager that if they dared to serve booze inside of KFC’s in the USA, most patrons would probably wind up dead or in jail.


Source: ABC News


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