"YuruYuri" Anime Girls Night Event Scheduled in Tokyo

For the occasion of recording season two's "akkari~n!" sound

"AKKARI~N!" YuruYuri is holding its first ever girls ONLY event in Tokyo May 26th in order to record the opening sound (which is also the nickname of one of the main characters, Akari) for season two.


Doesn't this look like fun already? :3

The official announcement goes on to say, "Still, for all you Yuri Boys, we're planning to livestream on NicoNico." 


By the way, if you haven't checked it out, YuruYuri is a junior high story about friends who form the Amusement Club in the room that used to be used for Tea Ceremony club. The original manga is by Namori (who also illustrated the PuiPui! light novels by Midori Natsu).


The other main draw of the event (held in three sessions) on the 26th is a cast talk by members of the Amusement Club, i.e. voice actresses Shiori Mikami (Akari), Yuka Ōtsubo (Kyōko), Minami Tsuda (Yui), and Rumi Ōkubo (Chinatsu).


Do you think the public recording will be chaos or will the girls be able to contain themselves? Personally, I think it'd be pretty fun if this worked out well and a chorus of excited fans shouted the opening to season two!


via Hachima Kikou

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