Kou Shibasaki Becomes Häagen-Dazs "Ice Queen"

"Ōoku" shogun goes Marie Antoinette style for ice cream promo

Ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs has launched a "Bimi Saishu" promotional campaign with Kiyokawa Asami, an art director known for her photo book “Bijo Saishu,” in which famous actresses are transformed into plants and animals. Actress Kou Shibasaki (Battle Royale, the adaptations of manga Dororo and Ōoku, Hollywood's 47 Ronin) has been crowned their "Ice Queen."


Commercials and 4-meter statues show Shibasaki in a Marie Antoinette inspired gown. She and a group of ice cream faries (photo spreads like Chocolate Brownie x Leslie Kee, Green Tea x Nicolai German, Vanilla x nendo, Strawberry x Keita Mruyama) will be promoting six special Häagen desserts that would make Gintama's  'Bargain Dash' addicted Tae jealous.


Sweetest Start application to play with the designs is online here.

via Tokyo Hive

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