Sentai Filmworks Announces Three New Licenses for September

Licensor announces three obscure titles and Upotte! home video rights

Evergreen anime licensor and distributor Sentai Filmworks had its own spate of announcements to make at Anime Central last night and the three shows it picked up show a rather scattered approach, as it picked up two series from 2006, one from 2010 and confirmed home video rights for a currently airing simulcast with a release to be determined.


Cluster Edge

The first obscure title dates from 2005 and is called Cluster Edge, which is apparently a Sunrise production.The series evidently ran for two seasons and spawned companion OVAs, but I'll be damned if anyone here knows about it.

Agate Fluorite is the new transfer student at the elite school, "Cluster E.A.", in which the sons of many prestigious families from different countries gather to study together. Soon after, Agate's unexpected antics and enthusiasm in life impress many of his schoolmates, including Beryl Jasper, an honor student who is bored with his current way of life. However, unknown to Agate, he was born with a secret power that can create miracles.



Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

The second Sunrise title is called Intrigue in the Bakumatsu ~ Irohanihoheto and aired between 2006 into 2007, but no release format was confirmed for this title either.


Near the end of the Edo era, the stoic samurai Akizuki Youjirou silently pursues the supernatural object known as the Hasha no Kubi. He comes across a troupe of actors who are searching for a certain man out of revenge. Their fates coincide as Akizuki assists the troupe in their revenge and for protection, all the while searching for the object he is fated to destroy.




The third obscure title is the Hakuoki anime adaptation, which is based off of an otome game of the same name which was recently released in the US by indie video game distributor Aksys Games, This one will be getting an English dub, ostensibly to capitalize on the availability of thye game in English, and will be released in September on DVD. This series aired in 2010 and another season is expected to air this Summer. 


Sentai also confirmed home video rights for currently airing simulcast Upotte! during its panel, but did not elaborate on any sort of formats or potential chances for an English dub. The series is currently being streamed here on Crunchyroll if you're curious.


With all that said and done, is anyone interested in these new licenses? 


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