Wolverine Movie Sequel to Film in Both Australia and Japan

FOX CEO confirms interiors will be shot in Australia, location work in Japan

It’s a good thing we have some salt nearby, because it’s time to put some on our words and start eating them…


Earlier this week, the disappointing news was going around that The Wolverine, the sequel to 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, was going to be filmed exclusively in Sydney, Australia rather than where the ding-dong scripted story was actually supposed to be set: Japan.


Now, Tom Rothman of 20th Century Fox has told MTV that the film will be shooting in both Australia and Japan. Since he’s the CEO of Fox, we’ll take his word for it. Below is the man himself speaking on record, confirming that the story is still set in Japan and will feature “great numbers of Japanese actors”.  



If I get his meaning right, interiors will be shoot in Australia (probably in front of a big green screen), while exteriors will be shot in Japan (hopefully scenes of Wolverine walking around Harajuku eating crepes).


While I’m going to wait for the final product before casting judgment, I can’t help but feel like the whole film should be shot in Japan. Think about G.I. Joe, which also had locations shot in Japan during the Snake Eyes' origin scene before moving in-doors to a totally fake looking set compared to Kill Bill which was actually lensed in Tokyo, with the aid of a Japanese crew. Which one felt more “real” to you?


I hereby promise to eat my hat if The Wolverine location work comes out looking anything like this...


Source: Cinema Blend



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