FUNimation Announces "Fractale" Anime Dub Cast

DVD/Blu-ray scheduled for July 17th

Even before the first Blu-ray failed to break a thousand copies sold, Fractale director Yutaka Yamamoto caused quite a stir in the Japanese industry and anime blogs when he announced that he'd retire if the series wasn't a success. It's with plenty of amused amazement that those bloggers note that the series is popular enough in North America to get a dubbed release. 


FUNimation has announced that the July 17th DVD/Blu-ray release will feature the following cast:


Character Actor
CLAIN Brina Palencia
PHRYNE Caitlin Glass
NESSA Luci Christian
Supporting Characters  
Character Actor
BARROT Bucky Pearl
CHIKAGE Jennifer Seman
COLIN Todd Haberkorn
DAIDARA Brian Mathis
DIAS Eric Vale
ENRI Monica Rial
GAIL Charlie Campbell
GOWAN Austin Tindle
HAWKER Chuck Huber
HERMIT Mark Stoddard
MEGAN Colleen Clinkenbeard
MOERAN Stephanie Young
SANKO Lindsay Seidel
SUNDA Scott Freeman
TAKAMY Ian Sinclair
TSUNAMI Terri Doty



ADR Director & Line Producer - Colleen Clinkenbeard
ADR Engineer - Stephen Hoff
Head Writer - John Burgmeier
Script Writer - J. Michael Tatum

And now a first look at the English Dub Trailer!


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