PHOTO: Curry Cat - Cute or Creepy?

Creative kitty photograph puzzles some, steals others appetites

Ok guys, you see the picture, you see the spoon, but have you figured out what it's supposed to be? It's ok if you haven't! Even some Japanese message board commenters had a hard time.



"Sorry, I don't really get it." 


"I don't get it at all."


"What the heck is this thread? I have no idea what this is supposed to be."


However, there were also plenty of people who saw this in the above pic:


One of my favorite foods!


...prompting many to shout, "Gross!" and quite a few others to argue about the positioning of the spoon. I agree with the spoon weirdness. Who's a curry rice fan? Will you look at a plate of it the same way ever again?


via Hamusoku


Curry image via jov's house

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