Pimp Out Your Handheld Gaming with the Midnight Purple 3DS

A royal color for a kingly gaming experience

Sorry, everybody--plain black and white electronics are boring. Just because the slimline PS2 is the little black dress of video game systems, not everything should conform to that design standard, handheld systems especially.


Nintendo's been really good about this, not only offering Flame Red Mario-themed (or black with gold trim Zelda-themed) 3DS systems, but you can also pick them up in Pearl Pink, or the really slick Japan-only (for now) Cobalt Blue. Add one more color to this line-up: the classy Midnight Purple. The image below is from E3 2010, but recent retail listings show that the color will be on its way soon.




Now that is some class-act stuff. Before we all start making "pancakes and basketball at Prince's house" or pimp-related jokes, let's all remember that purple was originally the color of royalty for how expensive purple dyes were. Of course, there's always:



So who's going to pick up a Midnight Purple 3DS?


via IGN

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