"K-On!" Feature Film Slated for Home Video On July 18th in Japan

Video release rumored to feature multiple versions

The K-On! phenomenon that has parted many an otaku with their money in many ways shows no signs of stopping, as an early release of a magazine has revealed that the feature film will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on July 18th with the following rumored editions which have yet to be confirmed.


Limited Edition BD ¥9,240 
Regular Edition BD ¥7,665
Limited Edition DVD ¥7,560
Regular Edition DVD ¥3,990  


K-On Release Date Scan 


The film was so popular that it led to many examples of intense devotion such as buying hundreds of pre-sale tickets to multiple showings and the newfound popularity of a London cafe featured in the film. More specific information on the release is expected to be confirmed this week, including whether or not it will feature English subtitles. Should the pricing and subtitle availability be confirmed, anyone considering buying it?


via YaraOn

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