Why Some Japanese Young People Have No Interest in Sex

"This nation might eventually perish into extinction!"

It’s no secret that Japan is currently experiencing a bit of trouble in the bedroom. Earlier this year, a survey indicating that a 1/3rd of young people in Japan have no interest in sex or relationships made world headlines. Even scarier, the number of people said to be dropping out of one of nature’s most basic drives (can you imagine having no interest in food, for example?) seem to be increasing annually.

Japan's future in a few years if people don't start getting "funky" right NOW

It matters because without a bit of repopulation and parenthood in the cards, Japan’s future looks about as bright as a barren wasteland, full of old people who need taking care of and no one around to do the jobs.

The big question now is…WHY are young people turning away from sex ? Dr. Kunio Kitamura, practicing physician and author of many books on sex health and reproduction, interviewed some of his patients and published some of the answers in his new book "Young People Averse to Sex".


Walk into the nearest bookstore, hold your head up high, and loudly demand your own copy of "Young People Averse to Sex".


The Japan Times summarizes the responses of some of the male patients below:


"I don't do sex because I can't get married in the end" — due to not having a good job.

"It costs money to have sex" — buying contraceptives, having your own apartment or car, etc.

"My boss is a woman and this has made me sexless."

"There are more fun things to do."

"I'm too tired after work and can't summon a desire for sex."

Image of guy licking screen replaced with something much, much, much more wholesome!

One young man said he has a sex drive but that having sex with someone is "just too much of a bother." Others claim that they prefer girls as anime characters or as virtual dolls rather than the real thing — so-called two-dimensional brides. "At least they won't dump you," one interviewee.

Before we lay the blame on guys too much, keep in mind that women are also dropping out of the mating game as well. Some of their reasons include:

"I believe in pure love," one young woman said, "and that's why I don't do sex.”

Warning: any resemblance to actual romance is entirely coincidental. Approach with extreme caution.


"Men are dirty and revolting, so I stay clear of them," declared another. She pointed to a number of their dirty and revolting characteristics, such as "a hair that has fallen out and sits on his shoulder, and eye mucus in the corner of his eyes, and whiskers that don't grow symmetrically and look kind of light blue ... and I can't stand it when they keep wiping sweat away, and then they go and put the dirty handkerchief in their pocket!"…

All of which leads to Dr. Kimura throwing his hands up in the air and declaring in his book, "If young people's aversion to sex continues to increase at the present rate, the situation of Japan's low fertility rate and rapid ageing will rapidly worsen. ... The Japanese economy will lose its vitality even more than now. If this happens, this nation might eventually perish into extinction."


We’re never really sure how to end these kinds of paranoid doomsday-esque stories, so we’re going to opt for a purely sensationalistic WHAT IF ITS ALREADY TOO LATE??? and hope it's not actually true.


Source: Japan Times


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