Gundam Gets Three Times as Fashionable With "Strict-G" Apparel

Fashion line launches with re-opened full-scale Gundam statue

With the re-opening of Tokyo's full scale Gundam statue, as well as its associated Gundam Front mini-theme park, Bandai has launch new fashion label Strict-G. A little less fascist and/or militaristic than what's seen in the anime, the apparel line features Federation inspired Edwin jeans and shirt, mecha-style Swans sunglasses, and Jam Home Made accessories.


The Strict-G site offers a few concept examples.


Currently available products include:


Episode T-Shirts - 3990yen/$50 each


Real Vintage Jeans -  20,790 yen ($260)


Sen Jean 19845yen ($247)


Warrior Sunglasses - 26250yen ($327)


DEEI Sunglasses - 15750yen ($196)


Airless Sunglasses 12600yen ($157)


3Roll Bracelet - 7350yen ($95)

Deer Skin Code Bracelet - 5985yen ($75)

Leather belts - 12600 yen each ($157)


via Rocket News 24

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