Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Manga Conceptualized Live, Publication Planned

Jigoku no Misawa collaboration to appear in Jump SQ this July

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu DJ'd in Shibuya on Monday, part of a six hour daytime club event with producer/songwriter Yasutaka Nakata (Capsule) headlining, which is why this article about what she was doing Sunday is a tad late. (The party was great ;P Kyary's set included "Chai Maxx" by Momoiro Clover and "Kyary An-An" off her own upcoming album Pamyu Pamyu Revolution. Pokémon presents were thrown to the crowd by her sidekick Hiyoko Nishimura during the song "Mezase Pokémon Master.")


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and mangaka Jigoku no Misawa (Kakkokawaii Meigen!) had a historic meeting this past Sunday at Nico Nico Douga's Chokaigi, an event aiming to reproduce everything going on on the video site in real life, held for two days at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. During an hour long livestream, "Kyary's Super Way Way Nico Channel," they announced a collaboration manga which they started working on then and there. 


Note: All images are from the livestream feed. Then Kyary appeared on the Red Stage!

Kyary described her outift as "kinda marine style." 

Jigoku no Misawa arrives (left) accompanied by his managing editor (right). 

After all the participants were seated and introduced, the first part of the show was an interview of Misawa by Kyary. She asked why he decided to be a mangaka, which turned out to be because people said his drawings were more suited to manga than the illustration work he used to be doing.


When asked his favorite manga, he replied, "I like most of it," which got him made fun of for answering in such a vague way. He did mention One Piece specifically. Kyary said she only really reads Crayon Shin-chan and Kakkokawaii Meigen! (the latter by Misawa).


Misawa also talked of how the life of a mangaka is not so stressful, since you don't have to commute and you just stay at home mostly. When he's not working he plays video games, but also board games and cards. At home, Kyary said she hangs out and watches DVDs or reads the manga listed above.


Kyary asked about his future ambition. Misawa revealed, "I want to get rich by chilling quietly at home." He added that being a mangaka is pretty close to that and made the point that people (like Nico Nico users) upload stuff and make people happy for free, but when you turn pro you conveniently get to make money doing the same thing. When the question was turned back on her, Kyary said, "Hm, I wonder [what my ambition is]. I haven't really decided; there's nothing specific really that I want to do. Live a leisurely life in Hawaii or somewhere..."


After the interview, the "super collaboration" was revealed and they launched into conceptualizing their manga together. The idea is that Kyary comes up with the plot characters, which Misawa then realizes as a comic in his signature style:


The theme is "revolution" and the story will be about a girl who fights to spread KAWAII throughout the world.

When it came to choosing a protagonist, Kyary said, "Since I'm so lucky to have Misawa, whom I love, draw this manga for me, I figured I would be a good one—" and this is how Misawa drew her when she added she wanted to be a character people will love:

Editor's Note: Image replaced: Sorry to anyone who glimpsed the notorious raisins at work!

...which of course, was not quite acceptable, "This is bad! We can't use this!" so they tried again. This time to help with inspiration she noted, "I really love sharks." In summary, the editor joked, "Ok, so you like to wear clothes and you like sharks..." 


"A shark! A shark is eating me!" Well, I guess she's at least wearing clothes now.

This one delighted Kyary, "I'm doing a collaboration with a shark, so I'm totally happy!" And she gave the affirmative when the MC asked, "This way of collaborating is ok?"


At that point they moved on to creating a sub character, this time drawn by Kyary. They decided on a foreigner, since it's someone to whom KAWAII can be spread. They considered maybe making a rival girl, but settled on a surfer (audience suggestion) from LA (since Kyary had so much fun performing there):


This is John. He has a perm and wears his cross chain in the water. He's 28 and 189 cm tall (about 6'2"). 

It was suggested that he save her from the shark, "the beginning of a romance," but later everyone agreed that since she likes sharks so much it would actually annoy her to be saved, so she would have to explain that. Anyways, then they could get around to talking about Kawaii and she could invite him to Harajuku where they would eat at a Gyouza place she likes (apparently they have tasty bean sprouts). 


Kyary made sure that as a magical girl type character she would have a mascot:

The nipples weird me out, too.

"Pamyurin" is an already existing character, the subject of half cute, half strange merchandising by Spinns


While waiting for Misawa to draw another sub character (someone cute that would show off perfectly the meaning of kawaii for John's edification), one of his characters was invited up on stage. Kyary was invited to tease her, but she just said:



In the end, Misawa decided that the kawaii they were seeking was right before John's eyes:


Kyary, herself! D'aww.

So, they somehow or other came up with this story (which, by the way, they titled something like "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution from the Beach," to tie into her album coming out May 23rd) about how an American surfer saves Kyary from a shark even though she liked being eaten and they end up in Harajuku discussing the nature of KAWAII over gyouza. The story evolves from there... in a manga in the July issue of Jump SQ?!?! That's what they announced! No guarantees it will follow this story, but it still may be worth anticipating to see how this crazy collaboration (including the one with the shark, if he makes it in!) continues.


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