"Legend of Dragoon" and "Max Payne" Arrive on PSN

Genre classics joined by PS2 version of "Rayman 2"

Hey, remember back when we said The Legend of Dragoon was headed to PSN? It's out tomorrow, along with two other excellent games.




The Legend of Dragoon is a 1999 PS1 RPG that lets you step into the shoes (and wings) of Dart, as he and his friends set out on an Epic Questtm to Save the Worldtm from Some Psychopath Trying to Become Godtm. By-the-numbers as it sounds, it had a pretty cool timing-based battle system, and each character could get a stronger form with their Dragoon Spirit.




Max Payne was released to critical acclaim in 2001, and was a third-person shooter before we even called them third-person shooters. Unusually cinematic for the time, Max Payne let you take on New York's vicious criminal underbelly as the titular Detective Payne, hunting down the people responsible for the deaths of Max's wife and child.



Rayman 2: Revolution was the 1999 follow-up to beautiful PS1 platformer Rayman. This is an enhanced PS2 version of the game that's being put on PSN, bringing the insane cartoon world of Rayman into 3D. While it was a great game, I remember being kind of weirded out that it was pretty grim and serious.


While I still have my physical copy of Max Payne and strongly prefer 2D Rayman games (or the Rabbids), I've got a serious Legend of Dragoon-sized hole in my PSN collection. Will anybody else here be revisiting these classics?



via Siliconera

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