Nicalis Cancels WiiWare Port of "La-Mulana"

Long-awaited Wii localization of indie game is no more

Here's some dreary news for fans of indie and classic-style games. La-Mulana, the 2D platformer originally released for PC in 2005, was well on its way to WiiWare in North America and Europe thanks to publisher Nicalis, who previously did a bang-up job on Pixel's Cave Story. However, according to Nicalis' Twitter, the port has been officially canceled. 



Follow-up tweets point to the title being finished, but not yet certified by Nintendo for release. Whatever's gone down behind the scenes, the frustration doesn't just appear to be on the consumer end, which makes sense considering how long this has been in the works.




Here's a 2009 trailer promoting the WiiWare release:



La-Mulana's 2D action pays homage to games of the MSX, a home computer that debuted in Japan in 1983. A number of popular series made their debut on the MSX line of computers, including Metal Gear, which hit the MSX2 in 1987.  


Nicalis' page for La-Mulana is still live if you want to go and sigh wistfully at what was to be. There's also the official website, and you can support developer Nigoro by picking up the PC localization. Was anyone looking forward to playing this on Wii?



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