"Dead or Alive 5" Bounciness and Transparency is Costume-Specific

Changing up the rules on a series-long tradition of fanservice

There's kind of a tradition whenever I get a new Dead or Alive game:


1- Go into Options.

2- Change "Round Time" to "Infinite."

3- Set "Rounds to Win" to "Best of 5."

4- Set "Age" to "99." What, it's Dead or Alive.



Why yes, I am going to use this exact same picture every time I talk about the "old" DoA.


With Dead or Alive 5 planning to class things up a bit, I was ready to shelve that habit, at least until DoA5 director Yohei Niibori talked about the costume damage we'd been seeing in recent trailers.




Niibori mentioned that in addition to battle damage, each character and costume will have different levels of bounce, and different costumes will also provide transparency options. Series producer and regular Team Ninja spokesman Yosuke Hayashi also stated that there would be "arranged versions" of past costumes. With their plan to go for unlockable costumes instead of DLC, I'm looking forward to those--hopefully there's more than the limited wardrobe of DoA4, and is closer to the vast selection of DoA2 Ultimate.


So, Dead or Alive fans, what do you think? Will it work adjusting "bounce" to be character and costume-specific, or do you want to just set your Age to 99 in the options and watch all your female fighters get smacked in the face with the slightest movement?



via Andriasang

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