"Gundam Wing" Theme Song Performers TWO-MIX Announce Revival

Shiina Nagano overcomes health problems, while Minami Takayama finds a break in schedule

The blog for lyricist/synthesizer Shiina Nagano's ShiinaTactix-Music has revealed that, after working through some health problems, he will be reuniting with Minami Takayama to reform TWO-MIX. The electric pop duo is best known to anime fans for their work on the Gundam Wing theme songs.


TWO-MIX singer Minami Takayama has stayed busy in anime. She's the voice of Detective Conan's title character, and was married to his creator for two years. Other roles range from Kiki in Kiki's Delivery Service to Pit in Smash Brothers and Kid Icarus.

Nagano mentions that has scheduled has yet to be determined and can't be officially announced at this time, but that the pair are excited to revive their legendary partnership.

via Yaraon

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