JManga Adds Nudist Shoujo Manga "Don't Cry, Girl"

Second volume of "Otaku-Type Delusion Girl" also added

In this week's Tuesday update, digital manga portal JManga premieres Tomoko Yamashita's Don't Cry, Girl, a shoujo series about a 17-year-old living with an acquaintance of her father, who proves to be a nudist. The second volume of Otaku-Type Delusion Girl has also been added to the legal manga site's offerings.


Don’t Cry, Girl♥ Vol. 1
Created by Tomoko Yamashita
Thanks to her parents' incompetence, Taeko is sent to live with an acquaintance of her father. But when she rings the bell of her new home, she's greeted at the door by her new roommate, a completely and utterly shameless nudist named Masuda. Why exactly is he presenting himself in the buff to an innocent high-school girl...? Of course, their shocking first meeting sends Taeko's 17-year-strong values tumbling to the ground! "Is he for real?!" "Am I going nuts?!" It's too late for tears, so Don't Cry, Girl - a hilarious teen comedy♪!

Otaku-Type Delusion Girl Vol. 2
Created by Natsumi Konjoh
Abe Takahiro is an ordinary, well-adjusted, high school student, who falls in love with his bespectacled classmate Asai Rumi, thinking she's just a cute member of the art club. Alas, his love is anything but ordinary - she's actually a hardcore yaoi-loving fujoshi who is utterly convinced Takahiro and Shunsuke Chiba, the handsome class playboy and his best friend from middle school, are having an torrid affair. With comical misunderstandings, awkward half-confessions, and the revelation that class idol Matsui Yoko is an otaku enamored with Rumi as well, poor Abe has his work cut out for him if he hopes to woo the Otaku-Type Delusion girl.

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