"K-On" Movie Home Video Extras Detailed

Movie to be released in four versions on July 18th

Following up on Sunday's news regarding the Japanese home video release for last year's K-On! movie, the extras for each version have been detailed and have been listed along with pricing and covers for each version below.


 K-On! Movie Editions

Limited Edition (left), Regular Edition (right) 


The following pricing for the various editions has been confirmed and is close to the previous rumored listings but no English subs will be included:


LE BD ¥9,240
RE BD ¥7,665
LE DVD ¥7,560
RE DVD ¥3,990  


The following extras will be included in both versions:


The Limited Editions will come with a small booklet of the storyboards, a small version of the booklet sold in theatres, a mini production booklet, cords for a song played in the movie, a 5-piece bromide set, a small version of the appreciation tickets (5 kinds), and a 3-sided box.  Commentaries by staff, cast, and producers will be included on the feature disc.  Both versions also come with a bonus disc (BD version will get a BD, DVD version will get a DVD) full of behind the scenes features further detailed below:


Yamada Naoko in London (location/scenario scouting), Tanaka Minami's dubbing report (additional feature of the recording sessions), a backstage feature of Houkago Tea Time in Universal Studios Japan, a Houkago Tea Time in TBS press conference, a special program K-On! the movie navigational program, music recording, stage greetings on opening day, non-text OP/ED, pre-movie bit about manners, and TV CMs/previews/trailers.  


Anyone still going to pickup the movie from Japan despite no subs, or will you wait on an eventual license?


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