Video: "Bleach" Cosplay Group Extravaganza!

Cosplay (and some CGI) helps keeps Bleach alive!

Hey guys! Check out this impressive Bleach group cosplay video. cosplayer and videographer, JP Chau (on YouTbe as whenwasthistaken) was tagging along with photog BigWhiteBazooka for the shoot that he organized.  


JP says, "( BigWhiteBazooka) just wanted to have a massive photo shoot with characters from Bleach. We went all the way to Lancaster, CA for the shoot. Our original goal was for another location, but we were told we could not shoot there. The area we chose was really windy. REALLY REALLY WINDY! It was tough to do video since wigs and hair were flying all over the place. My vision on doing video is to guide and lead the viewer on a journey. It was tough doing this video since we had some setbacks."



If anything, it's a beautiful display of their love for both cosplay, and for the Bleach series. Although new episodes of Bleach may not be in the cards, cosplaying activities I'm sure people will be bringing all of your favorite characters to life the same way this group has for many years to come. 


Bonus! Behind the scenes footage!



Cosplayer, fangirl, and RPG enthusiast Victoria Holden is featured on The Live Show. You can follow her on Twitter at @sailorbee

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