VIDEO: "Hitman: Absolution" Trailer Encourages Creativity and Ingenuity

Agent 47's options for assassinations are limitless

Y'know why I love the Hitman games? Their open-ended nature. You're given a simple mission: kill this mob guy while he's having a barbecue. But how you go about that is far less simple--do you take out the cable, then disguise yourself as a repairman and garotte the target? Do you quietly slip in, poison his beer, and leave just as silently? Or do you just walk in the front door, guns blazing, and kill everybody who crosses your path?


The last time we got a good look at the upcoming Hitman: Absolution, we got to see part of a long gameplay segment that felt very scripted, instead of the freeform antics of previous games. A new trailer from Square-Enix proves otherwise--it takes creativity to survive in the world of Hitman.

As long as the game is this crazy the whole way through, I'm in. Hitman games have near-limitless replay value for me, and it just wouldn't feel right being taken on a scripted ride and being told when to use the environment to my advantage.


What about you? What do you think about what Square-Enix has shown off for Hitman: Absolution?



via Siliconera

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