VIDEO: A Look at the Second "Gundam Online" Alpha Test

Second round starts today in Japan

Bandai Namco Games released a Federation side gameplay video from the second Mobile Suit Gundam Online alpha test. The dual goals of this follow-up test are to check whether the tweaks they made to the battle rules improve the combat balance and to test new features with regard to server load and bugs. The first round ended yesterday, but another session starts today and runs through May 6th, with the game open to participants between the hours of six and ten pm.



One thing 4Gamer noted in their in-depth preview was that it was hard to find an opening for a sneak attack or strategize very well. With so many players in the game (52 x 52 battles, although this ends up being 51 x 51 mobile suits because one player on each side acts as commander, watching a map and giving orders to teammates) there are always enemies everywhere. That said, they are still looking forward to the next test. 


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via Mecha Damashii

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