Sixth International Manga Award Begins Accepting Submissions

Winner receives a trip to Japan to meet manga artists and visit publishers

Time to start putting pen to paper. Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun taking submissions for its sixth International Manga Award, which will award one Golden Prize and three Silver Prizes to comic/manga artists from around the globe. Those recognized will receive a trip to Japan, where they will meet with Japanese manga artists and visit publishing companies.


The International Manga Award was established to share Japanese pop culture and to help promote understanding of Japan. It was created to honor manga artists who have contributed to the promotion of manga overseas.


The last winner was Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura's I Kill Giants, published in America by Image Comics. Runners up included Pan Liping from China, Cory from Taiwan, and Tanis Werasakwong from Thailand.



Some rules:


• Published and unpublished works are eligible except works which received the past manga Awards.

• The manga works should be produced within three years of date for apply.

• The works must be submitted in printed form.

• Overseas publishing companies are permitted to apply for the Sixth International manga Award only if they confirm that their manga artists consent to their works being submitted.

• Entries must arrive by June 15.


• Applications should be sent to either i) or ii) below.
i)P.O.Box MBE 703
The Sixth International manga Award Executive Committee,
Yanagiya Taiyo Building 1F, Nihombashi Muromachi 4-3-16, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
103-0022, JAPAN
ii)Japanese Embassies or Consulates General

• Two copies of the works must be submitted. (Additional copies may be requested for works which win the award.)



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