Cave's "Akai Katana" Shooter Heads to North America on May 15

Have some horizontal-scrolling bullet hell later this month

Thanks to Rising Star Games, pre-orders are now up for legendary shmup developer Cave's Akai Katana, which is headed to Xbox 360 on May 15 in North America, and May 11 in Europe. We posted the announcement trailer last month, but now we have more concrete dates to look forward to.


Rising Star Games managing director Martin Defries had the following to say about the manic horizontal shooter:


“Cave are world renowned for creating the biggest and best arcade shooters around, and we’re delighted to add Akai katana to that list, come May 11,” “No other arcade shooter offers the same explosive entertainment and wanton destruction as Akai Katana, and we can’t wait to let this lose on the public.”


Akai Katana is a retail title, and will run you $39.99 when it drops. Any shooter fans looking forward to this?


Via Destructoid



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