Hello Kitty Takes Over Tokyo Megashop's Food Section

Hello Kitty marks her territory with $100 decorated cantaloupe and more!

Tokyo's mega department stores are world famous for offering staggering varieties of goods, but Hello Kitty is taking over the food department in the Shibuya's Tokyu Toyoko Department Store. See how she marks her territory...





Kitty Macaroons, 5 for 1,260 yen ($15.75)


Hello Kitty Cheesecake  1,260 yen ($15.75)


Hello Kitty decorated cantaloupe  8,600 yen ($107)


Hello Kitty nori seaweed chips in four different flavors – plum, sesame, wasabi, sesame and brown rice (genmai) - 525 yen ($6.50) for a 20g (0.7oz) can


inari sushi – a sweet soy-sauce flavored pouch of tofu filled with rice -   95 yen ($1.20) /piece


The Hello Kitty Inari Sushi Bento box lunches on sale for 987 yen ($12) a box


The Hello Kitty “Miyabi” (Elegance) box lunch priced at 998 yen ($12.50) comes in a stylish black box with disposable Hello Kitty wooden chopsticks.


The Hello Kitty Anmitsu  – a sweet delight at  578 yen ($7)


The Hello Kitty strawberry shortcake purchased from the FUNs shop at Hikarie Shibuya for 2,415 yen ($30)


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