"Street Fighter X Tekken" Misses Capcom's Predicted Sales Figures

Could this be the start of (another) downward trend in fighting game popularity?

Looks like I was right when I told you to hold on to your money.


Street Fighter X Tekken has had its share of problems, with poor balance and quality control, buggy netcode, a gimped 360 version, and a controversial deal between Sony and Capcom where twelve additional characters were locked away on-disc until the release of the upcoming PS Vita version. It looks like all of that has come to a head, resulting in the game not selling as much as Capcom predicted it would.


It's not a huge margin, but it's enough of a loss for Capcom to take note of: Street Fighter X Tekken was predicted to sell a cool 2 million units in its first six months of retail, but has fallen short of that mark at approximately 1.4 million. While it didn't do quite as poorly as the honestly-pretty-good Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (which did 600,000 units total across both systems), Capcom is far less pleased with these numbers than the figures for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PS3/360, 1.7mil) and Monster Hunter Tri G (3DS, 1.6mil).


The on-disc DLC thing I can understand: if Sony offered me a check with a dozen zeroes on it, I'd do whatever they asked. But when you ship a broken game... even the hardcore players are pretty miffed at Street Fighter X Tekken's touch-of-death shenanigans and infinite combos, and that's at least part of why so much of the community is migrating to Skullgirls.


What do you think? What made Street Fighter X Tekken such a flop? Will sales pick up once the twelve extra characters are released? You can already buy the game new for $40, so will Capcom recoup these losses?



via Shoryuken

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