VIDEO: Moévation! Fitness App Celebrates 1 Million Downloads, Previews New Exercise

"Burn Your Fat with Me" also updates its English language plans

Developer Creative Freaks' "Gal Game and Health Care & Fitness" iOS/Android app Burn Your Fat with Me has officially caught on. Counting demo versions, the "moévation!" has crossed one million units downloaded. For this milestone, the app has previewed a new exercise and updated plans for an English version.



In the current version, your childhood friend tells you that she's worried about your weight. So, you increase your attractiveness, win her affection, and unlock your story event, dieting and exercising along with your game character.




Features include guiding you through a daily routine of crunches, during which your virtual friend appears on screen in her gym clothes and holds down your legs as she counts your repetitions and cheers you on with fully-voiced words of encouragement.



The developers are currently working on push-ups, but are facing some challenges implementing it. They don't want a solution that requires the exercise to touch the screen, or entirely obscure it. That way, you can't cheat or miss an opportunity to watch your virtual moe training partner.


New versions have allowed the characters and backgrounds to be updated with custom skins.



The app's site also features a message concerning English language plans:

Hello everyone!

This is Steven, the newest member of Creative Freaks and the guy in charge of localizing Burn your fat with me!! and keeping in touch with the English community.
First, a little about the group: Creative Freaks is a ragtag band of like-minded invidivuals based in Japan who are bent on harnessing the power of Japanese otaku culture for the greater good of mankind. We figure that if people can easily have a great time spending hundreds of hours on their favorite video games, surely a portion of that time could be used to have a great time and doing something productive.
Of course, the key to productivity is motivation, and it just so happens that the past few years have seen an influx of games, applications and social networks that apply game mechanics to traditionally non-game contexts to stimulate motivation--that's right, we're talking about gamification!
While this games-as-motivation movement may not have caught on in Japan with the same momentum as it has in the English-speaking world, we at Creative Freaks have made it our mission to put a Japanese spin on gamification through "moé" (pronounced mo-ey), a Japanese term describing that special warm feeling you get when you see a pretty female anime or manga character.
We call it: moévation!

After all, sometimes all we need is the encouragement of another to push up along towards our goal, and what better way to stay motivated than with the support of a cute girl?
Burn your fat with me!!, known as Nensho! in Japanese, is our first moévation app and we can't tell you how excited we are to share it with the rest of the world! Most of us on the team have full-time day jobs and so progress may seem a little slow, but we've got big plans for the future-including a brand-new running app and a alternative version for the ladies!
In the meantime, we'll be making significant changes and updates to our English website in the weeks to come, and all big announcements will be made on this blog as well as our newly-established Facebook page (also still a work in progress...), so be sure to check back regularly!
We're hoping to have Burn your fat with me!! on the App Store by summer, so tighten those abs and ready your swimsuits--it's time to get moévated!

Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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