JManga Adds Eclectic Trio of New Manga

New volumes of "Kyudo Boys" and "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" round out selection

The latest  JManga update features a trio of titles that'll have you saying "only in manga!" There's TAVERNA Dark Cooking Club of St.George's Girls' School, Angu Uturogi's new seinen series about a cooking club's weird recipes; Mo'some Sting, Tomoko Yamashita's (Don't Cry, Girl!) manga about the friendship between a suicidal law consultant and a yakuza; and Gee The Wiz-Cat, Daitaro Nishihara's story of a great wizard who becomes a cat.


Created by Keiko Nishi
Kenichi fell in love with a cute transfer student, but his heart skips a beat around her twin brother too. Houdai has a crush so big that he starts writing a diary… In her words. Tomokazu starts a rumor about the team captain that gets out of hand. Take a peek into the high school hijinks and romance of the Kyudo Boys!

About This Volume
When new student Fujikawa sees the members of the archery team practicing, he says they suck. Since he appears to have experience, team assistant captain Sasahara invites him to join them. Annoyed with how they don’t even get angry when students from other schools make fun of them, Fujikawa doesn’t bother to hide his anger and scolds them. But the archery team turns out to have a backbone after all. Moved by his words, the team gets fired up and vows to win the next tournament!! Keiko Nishi delivers the second installment in this sweet-and-sour story about an archery club!!

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Vol. 5
Created by Masakazu Ishiguro
At first glance, the shopping district of Maruko appears to be an average shopping street, but it is here that this comedy of not a maid café, but a maid coffee shop unfolds.

TAVERNA dark cooking club of St.George's girls' school Vol. 1
Created by Angu Uturogi
Welcome to "Taverna," a high-level and prestigious high school girls' cooking club! The food is about to start, so we hope you're hungry for some fictional foods (we try a lot of weird stuff)! What do Sakuya and Ai, the newest club members, find on the delectable menu?! Read on to find out! ♪

Created by Tomoko Yamashita
Tanuki, a suicidal law consultant, shares an unlikely friendship with Asagi, who is half-immersed in the underworld. But when Asagi's niece, Towako, has a hit put out on her by the yakuza, they get caught up in a game of life and death...! The world-weary men find redemption in their efforts to protect one girl....

Gee The Wiz-Cat Vol. 1
Created by Daitaro Nishihara

The destiny of the world depends on the hands of the hero who had been called the
wonderful wizard of the East, but now just an ordinary cat, Ghee! He and his friends set out
on a great adventure for the saving of the future world...


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