Lady Gaga's Teacup Sells for $75k in Japan

But Yoshiki's item goes for even more!

Lady Gaga always seems to go the extra mile for her fan base of Little Monsters in the Land of the Rising Sun. Sometimes, it leads to slightly confusing episodes like that time when she (sort of) cosplayed as Hatsune Miku, or that other time when her Japan charity bracelet was being investigated for being a scam. Other times, it's all for a good cause.


Either way, we now have a new chapter in the saga: A cup and saucer that Lady Gaga used only once during a press conference in Japan sold for over 6 million yen (about US$75k) during a Yahoo! auction to raise money for charity. All of the proceeds will go to helping young Japanese artists study abroad in the USA.


We'll leave it to you to speculate what fabulous beverage lurked within...   


 Haters, take heart. The cup, which says “We pray for Japan” on it and is still marked by Gaga’s lipstick, did not fetch the top spot during this charity auction. That honor goes to a crystal piano used by Yoshiki from X Japan, which went out the door at around US$137k (below).


We're hoping Yoshiki won't have to start using a Casio keyboard after selling off his crystal piano...


On a related note, Lady Gaga arrived in Japan earlier today as part of her Born This Way Ball tour. Below is a pic of her triumphant arrival at the airport. Would you be so welcoming if she came to your town?


Miku-Kitty sighting at 2 o'clock.

Source: National Post

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