VIDEO: Introducing the Hatsune Miku PlayStation Vita

Plus the plain Crystal White version

If you were waiting for a white PlayStation Vita, it may not be too far off—Japan gets theirs June 28th. Perhaps more importantly, the limited edition Vita you didn't know you wanted, Hatsune Miku, was also announced:



The bundle comes with the Hatsune Miku model Crystal White Vita, the game Next Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, a four gig memory card, and a protective film and AR card featuring original designs. However, it does not come cheaply—while you can start your future life with a plain Crystal White Vita for 24,980/29,980 yen (depending on whether you want 3G; about US $313/$375), the Vocaloidy version peaks at $500. Will you try to get your hands on one August 30th?



via Engadget 


Headline image (where she's playing, we know, not a Vita, but a PSP) via skalkerg

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