"Lucky Star On Stage" Musical Casting Process Underway

Musical inspired by slice of life anime and manga dated for September

It was previously announced that a Lucky Star musical was on its way, but if you thought it was too late to be in it, you were wrong—you can apply to audition right now on the project's official site. June 7th is the cut-off—do you fit the requirements?


[Female Cast] Sex/Female Age/about 16-25

[Male Cast] Sex/Male Age/about 18-28

*Nationality not important (but Japanese is required).

*Warm welcome for those who like singing, dancing.



Performances will take place this September 20-30 at Tokyo Dome City Theater G-Rosso in Tokyo (i.e. the same place you can see the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters hero show right now).


via Otakomu

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