Newest Actress to Portray Sadako Reveals Her Face

"Sadako 3D" star has been kept under wraps this whole time

Between throwing out the opening pitch of a baseball game and terrorizing Tokyo in force, we've seen an awful lot of Ringu horror icon Sadako lately in promotion of the upcoming Sadako 3D. Even though the movie comes out this coming Saturday, the studio has kept the actress playing Sadako herself under wraps this whole time--an advance screening of Sadako 3D left out the final twelve minutes that showed the actress' face--until now, anyways.




Popular young actress Ai Hashimoto (Confessions) follows in the footsteps of Tae Kimura and Yukie Nakama as the undead well-dwelling jumps-out-of-TVs ghost, who can be aptly described as the "face" of Japanese horror. Talking about the role, Hashimoto was humble and grateful:


"Although it’s actually my first scary role, I was like 'Again?' when I heard that I was going to play Sadako and felt no opposition at all for some strange reason. Sadako has become such a popular character that I almost feel sorry to everyone that she’s being played by me.


"I’m very happy that I can play a character that is being liked by everyone. People can’t hate Sadako, therefore they can’t hate me either. Thank you very much for giving me such a precious experience. I hope that many people from my generation, especially senior high school students like me who can watch it for just 1,000 Yen, will come and see it in movie theaters."

I haven't been that big into J-horror these past few years, but I'm more than willing to give this one a spin. What about you? Fellow horror icon Jason Voorhees has been played by nine separate actors, and Sadako is currently on number six with Ai Hashimoto--do you think she'll be able to carry on the legacy?



via TokyoHive

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