"Zetsuen no Tempest" Manga Anime Green-Lit

A story of magic and revenge

The cover of the June issue of Monthly Shonen GanGan brings us the news that Zetsuen no Tempest will be animated:



In order to take revenge on the criminal that killed his younger sister, a guy named Mahiro makes a pact with a sorceress blessed by the Origin Tree, but banished by her family. Turns out he also needs to save the world, and ends up entangling his friend Yoshino as well. 


Serialized since August, 2009, the manga is created by a three-man team. The story is by Kyō Shirodaira (Spiral), with organization by Arihide Sato. Art is by Ren Saizaki (ROLL). The sixth volume [in Japanese] ships May 12th.


Seems from the image above like this fantasy series might have a bit of an edge? Who is interesting in seeing this in action?


via My Game News Flash

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