VIDEO: Latest "Nayuta no Kiseki" Game Promo Includes Message from Nihon Falcom CEO

Emphasis on the new world and characters

Nihon Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo appears in the latest Nayuta no Kiseki promo video, but there is still plenty of gameplay footage:



Kondo emphasizes the fact that the setting and characters are ones you "can't experience in any other Legend of Heroes game," and rather than having a series of maps to move through, this time they're using full world. He also said they took all the things they are best at and poured them into this title (so if you like most Falcom games, it should be up your alley). The number of sub-stages (extras that you don't need to pass to clear the game) is more than double the required stages! At the end he noted that they'll continue to make the normal Legend of Heroes games, but that this was a way to challenge themselves, so he hopes fans will enjoy it.


The headline image girl is Lyla, a newly introduced character and childhood friend of Nayuta.


You can see the previous trailer here. Nayuta no Kiseki drops in Japan for PSP July 26th.


via Andriasang

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