Pre-Order "Kingdom Hearts 3D" to Unlock Rare Dream Eaters

Bonus AR cards deal out some extra in-game assistance

You know about the Dream Eaters in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, right? You can recruit the creatures to assist you in-game, and pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts 3D will net you a slight Dream Eatin' advantage thanks to some bonus AR cards. 


The augmented reality cards can be unlocked via KH3D's AR feature, so you can play around with whichever ones you're lucky enough to net via the randomly generated set. See the full details in the image below.



For those not in the squinting mood, the image describes the bonus AR cards like so:

• One (1) wild AR card that will randomly unlock Sudo Neku, Meowjesty or Ursa Circus

• One (1) AR card that will unlock R & R Seal

• One (1) AR card that serves as a 360º viewing stand for your Dream Eaters


Here's a closer look at those rad li'l dudes:


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance lands in North America on July 31. Anyone plan on pre-ordering?



Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. His blog can be found at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter at @Moldilox.

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