"Mysterious Girlfriend X" Novelization Coming June 1st

If only I could think of a spit pun to put here...

Reach Ueshiba's Mysterious Girlfriend X manga, currently on air as an anime, is being turned into a light novel. Written by Chihaya Satō, the book is illustrated by Ueshiba.


Urabe's drool powers at work in novel form 


Mysterious Girlfriend X: Mysterious Novel Version is about a strap (...maybe a phone strap?) that will bind a couple together forever if it can be given from one partner to the other without the receiver realizing the love power it possesses, i.e. it's a secret. Sounds like it causes series protagonist Tsubaki a lot of grief over the course of the story.


The book will be released June 1st in Japan by Kodansha. Who would read it if it got translated into English?


via Natalie

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